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Q1: Device is not charging, the connector maybe defected

Did you try using another micro USB cable to charge and determine if the fail is either the connector or cable itself? Sometimes you need to make sure the connector is all the way into the device. The middle light will turn on to indicate the device is charging and go off when device is fully charges.


Q2: The power button doesn’t leave the UV light on for 5 minutes as instructed nor does it change to the 10 or 15 minutes auto-shutdown mode.

One of the possibilities is that you might hold and press the button either too short (less than 1 second) or too long (more than 10 seconds device will shut off but middle light on still be on to notify you the button is pressed). Please follow the instruction as follows: 1. Make sure the device is off; 2. Press and hold on/off button for 1 second and you will hear 1 beep (means device is on and timer off set at 5 minutes); 3. After the beep, immediately press the button once again and you will hear 2 beeps (Timer change to 10 minutes); 4. Repeat the 3rd step you will hear 3 beeps (time change to 15 minutes); 5. If you keep repeating the 3rd step, the timer will rotate duration from 5/10/15 and go back to 5 minutes again. Please note that every time you turn on the device, the timer will go back to default at 5 minutes.


Q3: Does the timer still set at five minutes off?

 Every time you turn on the device it will automatically set the timer at 5 minutes. If the device is off less than 5 minutes, maybe you need to recharge the device. To make sure the device is on properly, you need to hold and press the button for 1 second and will hear a beep after that.


Q4: The product arrived but the middle light was on since it arrived and the on/off button don’t work. There is no on and off even when I hold the button, it has no response Please advise.

1.The battery might need to be recharged, low voltage won’t be able to drive UV LED lights; 2. Charging the device will reset the micro chip program and normalize the function; 3. Try to charge the device for 3 hours, the middle light will indicate the charge is in progress and light off when is fully charged; 4. The UVC light won’t function when charging is in process; 5. Make sure the button is not stuck when pressing too hard. If the middle light is on and won’t be able to turn off manually, that means it’s stuck. To release the button, just wiggle the button clockwise or counterclockwise with pressed force.


Q5: The product stopped working the first day I received.

Most of problems will resolve as soon as the device is charged. We recommend you use the phone adapter with more stable voltage to charge (such as iPhone or Android phone). It takes several minutes for battery to charge from zero and the middle indicator will start to light. The battery might have run out of power during shipping.


Q6: I want to make sure that my item is working ok. When I turn on sterilizer, I don’t really see UVC LED wick light on. I saw UVA LED light on, the color is like light blue. Please let me know your feedback

You are correct. The UVA light spectrum is closer to visible light so the middle one it’s bright blue to your eyes. UVC on both sides are further away from visible spectrum, that’s why you see very dim blue to your eyes. So, the device is in perfect working order. Please see the attached spectrum chart for reference.

If you find other UVC products emit obvious blue, it may not be UVC but UVA. UVA is way cheaper than UVC and the sterilization power is way weaker. UVC has the strongest sanitizing power compare to UVA, that’s why some UV products are more expensive than others.

UV Spectrum

(Courtesy of https://www.evoqua.com/en/brands/delta-uv/Pages/How-It-Works.aspx)


Q7: I can’t turn off device manually, it did turn off after the battery was almost drained.

We have implemented a safety measure in our UVC device when accidentally press the button over 10 seconds, only the middle light will be on to indicate the button is pressed but the UVC LED on both sides will turn off for safety. If your device can’t turn off manually, that means the button might be pressed too long and got stuck during shipping in tight box. Please refer to Q4 for to resolve button stuck. Once the button is loosened, you can perform normal operation by turning on or off.

Q8: My UVC sterilizer doesn't seem to be working right, the 2x UVC LED don't turn on, and I can't turn off the device, it also doesn't auto shut off after 5 minutes like stated in the instruction. Can you tell me what to do?

It seems the on/off button got stuck with clear wrapping sheet outside the device during delivery. Please make sure the sheet is removed and press/wiggle the on/off button couple times to release the hold. Once the button got loosened, it will be off in 5/10/15 minutes if it's on or press hold for 3 seconds to turn off immediately.

The device has protecting mechanism in case mis-pressed. If the on/off button is pressed over 10 seconds, the 2x UVC will stay off. The middle UVA light is acting as indicator that the button is pressed. Note that the UVC light is invisible, so even when the device is on you won’t see UVC as bright as UVA.

Q9: The setup time function isn’t working

To change the timer setting, make sure the device is turned on while doing this operation. When device is turned on, press button to add another 5 minutes to 10 and two beeps will confirm the change; press again to add another 5 minutes to 15 and three beeps will confirm the change; press again to change back to 5 minutes off and one beep will confirm the change. Keep in mind every time the device is on, the default timer will be 5 minutes. Also, long hold and press the button is used to turn on (1 second) and off (3 seconds) the device, change time only need to press the button each time without long hold

Q10: I have received the product today, plug in to charge more than 5 hours, the blue light in the middle is still on. Unplug the core, tried the power on/ off as instructed, nothing, just the middle blue light is still on. How can I turn it on?

It seems the device’s button got stuck during shipping in tight box when you receive it. Please refer to Q4 and loosened the stuck button.

The device is designed specifically not to turn on or off by quick press. To turn on you need to press & hold for over 1 second and to turn off before the auto timer is up will need to press & hold for over 3 seconds. This is to prevent from mis-pressed by accident. We try to simplify the design with on button to cover 3 settings on one button: on/off/timer. It might be a bit confusing in the beginning but once you get use to the idea, it’s quite simple and useful.

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