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Enjoy better workouts & less muscle sores

U-GYM massager is a Pro-level muscle stimulator that enhances workouts & relaxes your body.

Enhance Your Health With UGYM 

UGYM Technology was established on May 20, 2015, with the purpose of using health-related technology to improve the quality of people's lives. In addition to the self-developed UGYM sports massage brand and resistance muscle training equipment, the "UTek Good & Clean Environment" product series have also been developed since 2020 to help achieve a cleaner environment. In 2021, the USA brand AOMAIS waterproof speakers and inspirational water bottles are also being distributed. We hope that UGYM Technology will become a platform for sports and health-related needs and knowledge base in the future, allowing everyone to improve quality of life with smarter and healthier methods.

Use Anytime Anywhere

  • Hospital Grade Medium FREQ 2000-7800Hz, All in One function.

We create your personal UGYM Pocket Medical Stimulator device to let you use in your daily life, whether at work or during sports, to conveniently massage deep tissue anytime, anywhere.

Relieve Muscle Soreness Whenever Wherever

Whether you are a regular sport enthusiast or professional athlete, your muscle strength and recoverability will be affected and become deteriorated if not giving enough rest and relaxation to your muscle after bearing too much training and loading. For more information.....

Your Personal Physical Therapist


Hospital Grade

Similar used in hospital's big Machine medium FREQ

is above to 4000Hz.

Highly Mobile

Its pocket size is easy to carry, medium Frequency is 2000-7800Hz.

Stylish Design

Designed by former "Under Armour" designer. Easy to use and carry, weight only 100 grams.

Save Time

Can save time to and from clinics, and avoid the risk of virus infection during the treatment.

Smartphone Control

Switch massage modes using U-GYM App to get stimulation strength & pressure just right for you!



Highly Mobile

Mount it on your armband or put it in your pocket. Use it indoor, outdoor, anytime, and anywhere.




Designed by former "Under Armour" designer. It looks even better in action with futuristic-looking LED lights.



Powerful Battery Life

A fully charged battery gives you 8 hours of satisfying massage. It can also be used as a portable charger for your smartphone!

UTek Ultrasonic Versatile Aroma Diffuser

People don’t know 90% of allergens come from house dust mites.The mentioned common allergic symptoms not only cause troubles in life, but also affect performance in schoolwork or work, and even threaten life safety in severe cases.

For more information.....

UTek SpiryShell

Which can more effectively achieve the effect of anti-allergy.

The SpiryShell equips with ultrasonic repelling function for dust mites. Lab experiments have proven that the repelling rate of dust mites is 60.3% after 120 hours. Combining with Eucalyptus essential oil will increase the dust mite repelling rate to 90.3. The longer the use, the better effect and it's all natural with no chemical used to harm us!




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